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August Meat CSA

Here’s what we’ll happily be noshing on this month:

That’s 2 lb ground beef, 1lb ground pork, pork rib chops, breakfast sausage, mild Italian sausage, a whole chicken, chicken wings, chicken breasts, and a dozen chicken eggs.

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Taking Stock

Home sick today with wicked allergies. The allergies themselves aren’t the worst part, it’s the drugs! All my prescriptions when taken together (as instructed) equal airheaded, basically drunk Kelly. Not work appropriate.

So I’ve been collecting the bones, parts, and scraps from all of our chickens from Pat’s since May. And my zip bag in the freezer could not fit another scrap in it, so it was time to make some stock. I saved all my garlic and onion peels, parsley stems, and various veggie scraps over the past week, and combined them with some other aromatics–garlic bulb, onions, carrots, green beans, scallions, leeks, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a tiny summer squash–in a large pot with a touch of olive oil (really, only a tiny little bit!).


I threw in a teaspoon of peppercorns and two bay leaves, let the veggies go for a very short time, dumped in “leftover wine” (a term foreign to my vocabulary….), then threw in the chicken carcasses. Sixteen cups of water went in, the temp dropped to low, and the cover went on.

That was like 4 hours ago, and I don’t plan on touching it for another 4.

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Veggie CSA, Week 11


Or, for those of you who like more order:


And that, my friends, is that. Getting hungry just looking at it.

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Veggie CSA Week 10, and a Yard Update

This is the kind of week we LOVE. The bright and colorful veggies of summer are here, and they are gorgeous. I’ll let the photos do the talking this week.



Amazing, gorgeous, and appetite-inducing. Even Aggie got in on the veggie-admiring action!


And there were some big, beautiful sunflowers that I put in water on the mantle, then proceeded to take 1 million photos.


They are glorious next to our Mike Bryce painting.

And it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t Instagram things to death…but this cried out for a neat filter!


…and so did this one:


Veggies are such great models.

Our garden has been coming along nicely. Most of my tomato plants are lush and bearing tons of as-yet-ripened ‘maters. The cherry tomatoes are packed with little green marbles, and I’ve pulled maybe two dozen red ones off so far.


Unfortunately, I’ve had a few visitors to my tomato plants (not the potted ones on the deck, but the ones in the ground):


That, my friend, is the tomato-loving hornworm. I’ve pulled a few of these juicy bastards off my plants, but it’s not too bad. We’ll live.

My carrots and radishes (in window boxes on the rock) are coming along slowly, but surely. My cilantro bolted beyond hope after a few weeks, but the basil and oregano are doing great.

We also limbed up the dreadful gigantic holly bushes out front and did some planting under them to fill some of that gap. The hollies are going to be completely sacrificed eventually, in favor of something much smaller and easier to tame.

We’ve enjoyed having a yard in which to garden so far. So much so that we’re looking forward to next summer. We’re thinking hops for Steve’s beer, potatoes, and maybe some raised beds.

How grows your garden?

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Before and After

The chicken wings in the freezer called my name. Steve was away, I was hungry, and there appeared to be the perfect number of wings for just one. Oh, twist my arm, whydontcha?!

I concocted a homemade sweet and spicy sauce from ketchup, Trader Joe’s sweet chili sauce, butter, salt and pepper, and chipotle hot sauce. I roasted the naked wings for a short bit, then tossed them in the sauce. Then I broiled them for a bit.


That’s greek yogurt in the middle. Odd, but delicious.

See? Delicious!


And so ends the tale of Kelly and the Wings.

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Veggie CSA This Week

Or, “It’s A Small Week After All.”

We had a few bouts of torrential rain here over the past week or so, and the farm told us via their weekly email newsletter that some crops didn’t fare well and to expect a little less of some stuff this week. Which, actually, works out quite well for moi. Steve’s away on business for the better part of this week, so it’s me, Aggie, and my trusty glock living it up. Just kidding, robbers, I’m scared of guns.

I went to the farm after work today, but not before stopping at home to get the four legged fluff nugget. She is not allowed at the farm, so she just rode down with me–she lurves the car–and stayed in the car while I ran in.

Thankfully for me, the greens were a major victim of the rain, so it wad just one basket this time. That’s enough for two dinner-sized salads. Perfect. There were cute green bell peppers and summer squash, both green and yellow varieties. I tend to grab the tiny ones, but they had some mega sized ones that were “free” (ie, don’t count toward your weighed amount) so I grabbed a big yellow squash, too. There was basil and onions up for grabs, so I grabbed.


I left a few things on the table. Kohlrabi, beets, scallions, and pick your own string beans (the dog was waiting, and PYO can take a while). I just roasted 2 lbs of beets that had been collecting in the back of the fridge for a while, so really, not a single additional beet is welcome in this house for a while.

Looking forward to some salads and maybe some stuffed peppers, and I keep seeing good zucchini and summer squash recipes on Pinterest. Hmm. I’ll be sure to report my findings!

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Veggie CSA Catch Up

Alrightythen. Super quick catch up–mostly photos–of our veggie CSA from Casey Farm. I posted about the first week, but then not about the others. Oops. Bad blogger. Bad!

So, we got:








Lots of greens, alliums, cucumbers, and the start of squash-o-rama. And beets galore.

There are times when we eat all of it, and times when we forget and have wilty or dried stuff lingering in the fridge. Last year, I was a hot guilty mess about waste. Now? Not so much. Enter: the compost bin. We bought a unit at Lowes or HD, and paired with a pail under the kitchen sink, we are able to usefully dispose of scraps and leftovers, sans guilt.

Hopefully I’ll be better about weekly CSA posts going forward. I’m doing the Casey Farm pick up this week, so I promise pictures of that.

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July Meat CSA

As I said in the last post, our July pick up date for our Pat’s Pastured meat CSA is today. Well, it was today; I’ve just returned from the farm. The weather was weird. This picture was taken from my car (…it was parked and not even on yet):

(it’s been instagrammed, but it’s not far off from reality)

Usually, Steve does the pick ups for both CSAs, as they are on the way home from his work. He has since realized that, despite our marital arrangement (loosely: we split the house $, he pays the utilities, I do the food), he does like 84% of the grocery shopping now. Well, I still pay, but he picks up the veggie CSA, the meat CSA, and the Munroe Dairy. Hehe. Sneaky moi!

Anywho, today Steve had the opportunity to go fishing right after work. Can’t say I blame him.

Poor guy, this happened:


He’s on his way home now.

This week brings us:


• bacon
• frankfurters
• country style pork ribs
• pork rib chops
• chicken wings
• two chicken legs
• a 3.5/4lb cornish rock chicken
• a dozen duck eggs
• 2.5 lbs of ground beef

I’m excited for these duck eggs, though I wish they were duckier looking:


I’m foreseeing some duck egg carbonara… searching Pinterest now for some more ideas! Follow me at knobleg529 on both Pinterest and Instagram.

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June Meat CSA

Our July meat CSA pick up is this Friday, so I should at least squeeze in the June one first, right? Right.

In addition to one dozen medium eggs, we got:


That is one whole chicken (3.5ish lbs), one stewing chicken (like 2.5 lbs), two big chicken legs, a pound of Mexican style chorizo, almost a pound of two lamb shoulder chops, four quarter-pound thin (like 5 Guys style) burger patties, 1.35 pound pork rib chops, 1.25 pound sirloin steak, a little over a pound of ground beef, and about a pound of hot Italian sausage.

We were honestly still trying to finish the May stuff. But that’s ok, it has all been amazing so far. Here are the photo worthy things I made (or, you know, the things I remembered to take pictures of)


That would be a whole butterflied chicken with a balsamic fig glaze, basically smoked on the Weber then seared to caramelize (…or burn, as it were from this angle) the glaze.


The merguez from May, grilled and served…


…with a golden raisin and fig pearl cous cous (and yogurt).


Pork rib chops with a chipotle honey dry (sticky, really) rub, grilled, with homemade peach bbq pinto beans and grilled spring onion tops.

And tonight’s dinner?


The lamb shoulder chops, quickly marinated in lemon juice and zest, oregano, rosemary, s+p, olive oil, and garlic x100, then quickly grilled on high. Served with: a quick herb, lemon, and slow olive oil poached garlic spread; a tomato and cucumber salad with feta and herbs; greek yogurt; and, toasted lavash. Instagram lamb:


If you were wondering, no, I haven’t been losing that much weight. Shocking, I know. Maintaining mostly, but the meat (…and endless outside beers !) is worth it.

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Casey Farm CSA, Week One

Ah, that day has finally arrived. Our first Casey Farm CSA pick up was this afternoon. The farm is pretty close to Steve’s work, so he does the pick ups. I did them for like half of our share last year, so I know what he’s experiencing.

Our farm does not use a box method, but rather has a share barn where every thing is laid out, labeled, and the amount allowed is clearly written above. Some things, like greens, are abundant and are “per basket,” meaning the sign might say “Arugula, 3 baskets,” and the farm provides the basket. Other things are per bunch, or mixed veggies might be “take 3lbs of what you want.” This time of year, they have tons of seedlings left over from the plant sale, so the first week or so might even include a few of those.

The share barn also sells local milk, eggs, cheese, ice cream, bread, granola, and even flowers. It’s one stop local shopping, really.

We get an emailed newsletter every Sunday, updating us on the farm’s goings-on, PYO (pick your own) crops and times, work share options, and most importantly, what to expect that week in the share barn! This way, I can begin to loosely plan menus for the week. Really, I never know what we’ve got until Steve walks through the door.

This week’s haul:


It was a pretty good showing for week one, surely thanks to the balmy winter and spring. It barely fit in one frame, so:




In no particular order, we have:
• sunflower sprouts
• spinach and arugula mix
• mixed field greens
• romaine
• bok choy
• garlic scapes
• radishes
• green garlic
• strawberries

And not seen here, four seedlings each of purple cherokee heirloom tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Looks like I’ll need more pots!

This is one of the one billion reasons why I love my husband: he knows what I hate to eat and/or cook, and he won’t bring it home (here’s looking at you, kohlrabi!). And on the flip side, he tries to bring home what I love to cook and/or eat (radishes!).

Looking forward to eating all of this up! I’ve got to use up some Trader Joe’s bagged spinach first, but I foresee many a salad in our future. Which is good; I gotta lay off pretty much everything else!

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