Four Day Weekend, Five Year Plan

Memorial Day Weekend (or #MDW, as I learned via Instagram and Facebook) is one of my favorite holiday weekends for many reasons. I like Memorial Day as a holiday because of why we celebrate. I like that it is the unofficial kickoff for summer. I like that I generally have a day off from work. I like that it usually ends with my birthday.

This year, Steve and I both took Tuesday off too so that we could have a longer long weekend, and so we could properly celebrate my birthday. We did, it was lovely. This was a truly wonderful weekend with family dinners, gardening, puppy time, brunch, pony rides, lounging on cliffs (normal #MDW behavior).


But the beginning of the weekend–Friday night, and both Saturday and Sunday–were awful weather-wise. Pouring, humid, gray, gross. Not very #MDW conducive.

But that craptastic, frizzy weather was a godsend.

Forced to sit inside, without any projects or books or Netflix prepared, we got talking about what we want from life, what we want from our careers, and how we’re going to get it. And a five year plan, of sorts, was born. We came to the realized consensus that at this stage in our lives, we are just getting over living in semesters, and just getting into our careers, and just getting settled with the house, and just finally getting to that comfortable adult place, that we trained ourselves into a tunnel. Getting settled and focusing on all of that meant that we were only focusing on all of that. And pigeon-holing ourselves into that safe picture of what works for us at 28 and 27. It started to look like forever would be safely spent in said pigeon hole, going about our business, and nothing would change.

But we like change.

We like new.

We’re happy where we are right now, but someday, we’ll have changed and nothing else in our chosen life will have.We’ll be like the Alamo in the middle of downtown San Antonio: safe and relatively ancient, yet surrounded by change and growth. Or like your uncle who still wears his circa 1987 Members Only jacket like it is still badass (NB: it is not).

Details aside, I can safely say I–and Steve, and we–needed a kick in the pants to get out of our respective ruts, move forward, and grow. And I think we’re going to do it. Discrete and measurable goals were set, and plans for how to reach them were made. Abstract ideas were discussed, and plans for how to realize them were made.

We’ll get there.


2 thoughts on “Four Day Weekend, Five Year Plan

  1. Hala says:

    Love you, love this, love a possible future spent chillin on more than just the holiday weekends.

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