WORST BLOGGER EVER, and a contract

…I’ve had to say that more than I’d like. See, last time I wrote anything here it was February 20. It is now May 11.

I’m no mathamagician, but that’s a long time.

So, instead of a detailed retrospective, here’s a bulleted list of what’s happened since my last post:

  • All the snow melted, March and April were blustery and depressing, but now it’s springish and I’ll shut up about cold and snow until December.
  • We made our pilgrimage to DC for Chapeau Weekend and it was, in a word, excellent.
  • Gym dates are being kept, still, and slowly but surely the weight is coming off. I’m about 4 pounds away from my next big base-10 milestone.
  • I did, in fact, purchase two bikinis.
  • I bought more consigned furniture and re-did it, and yet, that lovely cabinet is still sitting, untouched, in the garage. No excuses anymore.
  • Steve built me some awesome raised beds and my railing-top planter box for my herbs. Just yesterday, we had 5 cu yards of loam delivered and we moved it to where it needed to go (then we hobbled about like elderfolk as a result). Today, we hit the Casey Farm plant sale and some time this week, all my plants will be going in the ground.
  • I’m in Downton Abbey withdrawal, but, oddly enough, the fact that Burn Notice is returning is making that better (… like it’s Downton’s estranged 8th cousin, naturally).

And more will surely come, and I will share it with you like a good blog hostess.


Ok, so I hereby RESOLVE, PROMISE, and SHALL post to the blog any and all instances, occurrences, and/or happenings that may or may not constitute the interesting, noteworthy, and/or mundane-but-shareable, with a frequency of not less than once per week. Under the pains and penalties of blog “perjury” (NB: that’s not real), I do so freely agree on this eleventh day of May in the two-thousand and thirteenth year of our lord, free from coercion, duress, and/or undue influence.

/s/ Kelly E. Noble

I had to go and lawyer you. Sorry about that.


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