I’m Running With the Girl in the Mirror

And I’m askin’ her to change her braaaaaa….! (Thanks, MJ, for the borrowed tune)

First cardio workout at the new gym tonight. I forgot just how strange it can be to run next to a mirrored wall. There’s something so unnatural about it. I mean, there you are, a hot mess, running in place, for yourself to see. There is an upside: I can see my hard work, even if it reminds me of that meme going around that I can take no credit for:


Except I have huge will-not-be-tied-down boobs and frizzy hair and a red face. But yes, there is a distinct difference between imagined and actual. Thanks, mirror. You da best.

I subscribed to several podcasts for my workouts and today was Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. I love NPR and am the kind of person who is disappointed in others when they don’t. That is entirely unrelated to my workout but I thought I should share.



2 thoughts on “I’m Running With the Girl in the Mirror

  1. Tammy says:

    I LOVE wait wait don’t tell me! What workout app are you using?

    • Kelly says:

      Tammy, I use the Nike + Runner app on my iPhone when I run. It works on both the road and on the treadmill, sonlong as you wear it on your person (ie, as opposed to resting it in the treadmill cupholder).

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