The Healthy Track

So, in what must appear to be true “January-is-resolution-time-and-that-is-all-!” fashion, Hubs and I are joining a gym. Except, it has zero to do with New Years resolutions or it being January. It has everything to do with it being too damn cold out to do anything else.

Remember how I was all psyched to run, etc etc? Yeah, no, it’s still freaking freezing. And dark. That doesn’t change when you are Hubs and you walk 2 dogs. And frankly, we’ve been mulling this a while. Well, I’ve been mulling this a while for me, and then I mulled it a while on the Hubs’ behalf (that’s marriage, kids). He used to lift (ie, I peeck tengs up and poot dem down, pow pow powowpowpowpow) for a while like 4xs a week and he seemed to really love it. Then we got super busy with the house, work, and life, and that got pushed aside (along with me getting off the couch and eating salad), so it’s been a while. And I really liked it when I was running (albeit outside), going to yoga, and I always like it when I’m swimming, and I wished I could lift (…ok, strength train with, like, machines).

The day we were out “antiquing,” we drove past a Healthtrax facility. I knew that it was a beloved institution from the lawyers I used to work with, but I also knew it was expensivo. It has a lot of nice cardio and lifting machines, classes, a pool (bubbled over in winter!) a top of the line weight room, and fancy schmancy magic workout equipment from Germany. I asked Hubs if we joined a gym like that, would he go with me–even just two nights a week? He knows how I am: if someone isn’t like “Kelly, you’re fat, get up, come with me, it will all be over soon,” I will not go to a gym.

This explains all but two of the past seven gyms I’ve belonged to. One was my law school gym: during bar prep summer, my bff Hala would make me go witha lot of luck; the other was the boxing gym I belonged to with bff Regina during law school–we loved that place. Jesse, our coach/trainer, was the perfect coach, so that worked well for us.

Hubs said yes, he would go, so long as it was not a gym where they limit the weights, etc…referring of course to PF, one of my 7 (this number surprised me, too, friends!) gyms. I told him I’d look into it, that was that.

And I forgot to, of course.

And then I remembered.

My research revealed good things. Rates that were incredibly reasonable for the services offered, in fact. So we set out to tour the place.

Our tour guide/trainer-in-residence was Matt. Super enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, exceedingly thorough, Matt gave us Ms. Jean Brody’s creme de la creme tour. What honestly impressed me was the fact that he knew the names of about 75% of the gym-goers we encountered. I liked that, even if the thought of someone recognizing me while I’m head-to-toe clad in spandex/bathing suit is basically mortifying. But overall, we liked what we saw. It’s a place for professionals (and retired professionals) to work out without the meatmarket effect, or the meathead effect for that matter. It’s really nice and I think that matters when it comes to actually, you know, going.

The Meyers-Briggs ESTJ in me wanted to take the class schedule (including spinning, group power, group yoga, Zumba, etc, yoga, pilates, etc) and plan our visits.

So I did, much to my ISTP husband’s chagrin.

I’m headed there tomorrow night to officially sign up.

I’m oddly excited by this. My gym bag will be unearthed, my yoga mat, bathing suit, and zoomers packed in, and my ass is gettin’ in gear.

I’ll keep you updated.

PS: Up until like 2008, I for true thought that spinning was just a class in which they turned out the lights and let you spin around with your arms spread wide, like you (surely!) did as a child. I understood the popularity. When I learned it was just cycling, I was sorely disappointed. You would be too.


2 thoughts on “The Healthy Track

  1. I miss swimming/drinking beer out of coffee mugs in the RWU hot tub.

    • Kelly says:

      Yes those were THE BEST. I mean, how would we ever be found out?! Isn’t it entirely normal for two women to shuffle over to a community hot tub at an almost-all undergraduate gym facility, with insulated coffee mugs?

      It should be.

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