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I’m Running With the Girl in the Mirror

And I’m askin’ her to change her braaaaaa….! (Thanks, MJ, for the borrowed tune)

First cardio workout at the new gym tonight. I forgot just how strange it can be to run next to a mirrored wall. There’s something so unnatural about it. I mean, there you are, a hot mess, running in place, for yourself to see. There is an upside: I can see my hard work, even if it reminds me of that meme going around that I can take no credit for:


Except I have huge will-not-be-tied-down boobs and frizzy hair and a red face. But yes, there is a distinct difference between imagined and actual. Thanks, mirror. You da best.

I subscribed to several podcasts for my workouts and today was Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. I love NPR and am the kind of person who is disappointed in others when they don’t. That is entirely unrelated to my workout but I thought I should share.



The Healthy Track

So, in what must appear to be true “January-is-resolution-time-and-that-is-all-!” fashion, Hubs and I are joining a gym. Except, it has zero to do with New Years resolutions or it being January. It has everything to do with it being too damn cold out to do anything else.

Remember how I was all psyched to run, etc etc? Yeah, no, it’s still freaking freezing. And dark. That doesn’t change when you are Hubs and you walk 2 dogs. And frankly, we’ve been mulling this a while. Well, I’ve been mulling this a while for me, and then I mulled it a while on the Hubs’ behalf (that’s marriage, kids). He used to lift (ie, I peeck tengs up and poot dem down, pow pow powowpowpowpow) for a while like 4xs a week and he seemed to really love it. Then we got super busy with the house, work, and life, and that got pushed aside (along with me getting off the couch and eating salad), so it’s been a while. And I really liked it when I was running (albeit outside), going to yoga, and I always like it when I’m swimming, and I wished I could lift (…ok, strength train with, like, machines).

The day we were out “antiquing,” we drove past a Healthtrax facility. I knew that it was a beloved institution from the lawyers I used to work with, but I also knew it was expensivo. It has a lot of nice cardio and lifting machines, classes, a pool (bubbled over in winter!) a top of the line weight room, and fancy schmancy magic workout equipment from Germany. I asked Hubs if we joined a gym like that, would he go with me–even just two nights a week? He knows how I am: if someone isn’t like “Kelly, you’re fat, get up, come with me, it will all be over soon,” I will not go to a gym.

This explains all but two of the past seven gyms I’ve belonged to. One was my law school gym: during bar prep summer, my bff Hala would make me go witha lot of luck; the other was the boxing gym I belonged to with bff Regina during law school–we loved that place. Jesse, our coach/trainer, was the perfect coach, so that worked well for us.

Hubs said yes, he would go, so long as it was not a gym where they limit the weights, etc…referring of course to PF, one of my 7 (this number surprised me, too, friends!) gyms. I told him I’d look into it, that was that.

And I forgot to, of course.

And then I remembered.

My research revealed good things. Rates that were incredibly reasonable for the services offered, in fact. So we set out to tour the place.

Our tour guide/trainer-in-residence was Matt. Super enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, exceedingly thorough, Matt gave us Ms. Jean Brody’s creme de la creme tour. What honestly impressed me was the fact that he knew the names of about 75% of the gym-goers we encountered. I liked that, even if the thought of someone recognizing me while I’m head-to-toe clad in spandex/bathing suit is basically mortifying. But overall, we liked what we saw. It’s a place for professionals (and retired professionals) to work out without the meatmarket effect, or the meathead effect for that matter. It’s really nice and I think that matters when it comes to actually, you know, going.

The Meyers-Briggs ESTJ in me wanted to take the class schedule (including spinning, group power, group yoga, Zumba, etc, yoga, pilates, etc) and plan our visits.

So I did, much to my ISTP husband’s chagrin.

I’m headed there tomorrow night to officially sign up.

I’m oddly excited by this. My gym bag will be unearthed, my yoga mat, bathing suit, and zoomers packed in, and my ass is gettin’ in gear.

I’ll keep you updated.

PS: Up until like 2008, I for true thought that spinning was just a class in which they turned out the lights and let you spin around with your arms spread wide, like you (surely!) did as a child. I understood the popularity. When I learned it was just cycling, I was sorely disappointed. You would be too.

Lazy Sunday

Three cups of coffee, two quiet pups, and one very happy Kindle-reading husband, and it’s the perfect lazy Sunday.


Lazy for me equals kitchen puttering, so for breakfast we enjoyed meyer lemon and cottage cheese pancakes. It’s a Martha Stewart recipe I pinned, and I’m now obsessed. They are light and fluffy and perfect for breakfast–not those sit-like-a-brick-in-your- stomach pancakes we’re all used to.

I also made some almond, coconut, and cherry granola, inspired by my friend Rachel over at How ‘Bout Some Cake.


Aside from a yelp/bark/growl inducing fox sighting, it’s been nearly silent here so far today.

Heating up some left over beef bourguignon on the stove now. Late breakfast…late lunch. C’est la vie.

Headed off to The Lodge tonight for the Pats/Ravens game. It’s gonna be freezing, but hey, that’s The Lodge.

Boogie Shoes

Remember when I said I would go running on New Year’s Day?




I did. Haha you thought for sure I was going to be all “I didn’t.” But I did.

And it was an awesome run. Short, but good for my first run in a month and a half.

image_1 (Enjoy my music selections? Cruel Summer was funny haha because it was winter and snowy, and Toes was funny not-even-a-little-haha because I could not feel mine so it was nice to hear an entire song dedicated to these things I thought I didn’t have.) 

I was happy to go only like 20 minutes because you know what? It was really freaking cold. And windy. I was properly dressed, et cetera, but my nose and my toes and my fingers were like “DUDE it is chilly, go home to your fireplace!” I did, eventually, but I resolved to fix one of those problems as best I could. New sneakers were in order.

I know, I know, twist my fricking arm to get me to buy new shoes. High-larious. But I actually felt justified in needing an extra pair of running shoes for this new cold weather exercise experience I’ve locked myself into. My current sneakers–which, by the way, I absolutely adore and will keep for warmer weather–are Nike Pegasus 28’s. I have narrow, underpronating feet with laughably high arches. My feet roll out something wicked and I need super cushioning type shoes, and these work really well. So, in my winter running shoes, I was looking for the same thing.

Now, I’ll be honest. I sort of made up “winter running shoes” in my head because aside from hiking sneakers like Merrills or somesuchbidness, I was sure that people’s feet just didn’t get that cold. I was wrong. I was inclined to believe that over regular street runners, trail runners would probably be better for the winter because the outsole is more rugged, the sole is made in such a way to be super grippy, and the top of the shoe/heel tends to be a little thicker and more waterproof. But they are usually super ugly and CLEARLY this is a factor in my safety.

Off to DSW we went. Yes, we. Steve was actually the primary purpose for this trip. He needed new running shoes and some new work shoes, too, but how could I *not* look? As he likes to point out that of DSW’s 20-odd rows of shoes and 30-0dd half-rows of clearance racks, approximately 4.3 are devoted to men’s shoes. The rest? Women’s. He’s not wrong. So, with Mr. Cinderella trying every single pair of dress shoes and sneakers on, I got bored (yes, I got bored at DSW–that’s umpossible). I resorted to taking photos of shoes and sending them to friends.

Exhibit A:

photo (Ugliest. Boots. Ever. I mean, come on: they are half Uggs–awful–and half Danskos–awful. Full disclosure, I OWN two pairs of Danskos but by no means think they are nice lookin’)

Exhibit B made it to Instagram:

image Snazz-o-rama, for sure. I really loved the pink ones!

I tried on some shoes for myself in my boredom, and I came across two styles I liked. One was a pair of Nikes that were “Shield” style. I mean, like, the sneaker was the SuperZoomer+4 or whatever, but they were the “Shield” version thereof (sort of like a trim package for a car? sure). I did a quick google of this (yes, I had that much time. Mr. Cinderella was trying, remember?), and these are LEGIT winter running shoes. They are more waterproof, more windproof, and have more reflective material all over them because in the winter, it’s wetter, windier and colder, and darker. Shazam! Shoe heaven!

Except the SuperZoomer+4s were not that comfortable a style for my foot, so no dice.

Lo and behold,  right next to those, I found some Nike Pegasus 29 (one generation newer than my usual shoes) in the Trail version. They were extraordinarily comfortable. And not cheap. But I had a coupon and Mr. Cinderella was paying. And they are worth it. I love them.

I christened them on a quick freezing run yesterday morning:


It snowed yesterday in the early hours, and so the roads were slick and smoupy (that’s like smooshy and soupy)(it’s bad) but I was not deterred.


It was, again, wicked cold (that “40 degrees” thing on the app was WRONG) and the air was super dry, so despite some quick “ohmigod-I’m-gonna-wheeze-myself-to-death-if-I-don’t-pause” walk breaks, it was a decent, albeit quick run. I had hoped to go longer–like 30 minutes–but that cold air was harsh on my already-sore throat.

And, no lie, the playlist gods must have known I got new shoes, because at the end of my run, this was a-rockin’ on my iPod:


Completely unrelated to this (or, as my friends and I say, “speaking of bacon” or, in the alternative, “speaking of Susan Sarandon”), I want to give a big ole’ shout out to my friends at The Old Orchard House! They are buddies of mine and I’ve been dying for them to start a blog about their sweet country house–and they did! Bwa! Can’t wait to read along!



Ringing in 2013

Not with a party or the ball dropping, but in a quiet candle-lit house with just the two of us and a ton of food. It was perfect. And this morning has been lovely as well: resolutions were made by all (Agnes: to finally get with her three doggie boyfriends, Edith: to curl up and be cuddly all year long), breakfast eaten, and champagne drunk by the fire.







Before this first day of 2013 is over, I’ll go for a quick run and then we’ll indulge in my favorite New Year’s tradition: Dim Sum for dinner.