2012 Cram Session: Veterans Day in DC

So, three of my bffs live in DC. And I missed them. So I visited (sans Steve, sorry Steve!) over Veterans Day weekend in November.

Visiting my friends is wonderful for SO many reasons, but when we get together, we eat really well. And a lot. So that was the theme of our trip: eat and drink all the (preferably ethnic) food-a-palooza.

My trip began on Friday morning, on my side stoop, waiting for my cab.

image I think we can all agree that this photo is pointless. I just really like that purse.


Then I landed, met my friend Hala, and the eat/drink-a-palooza began at…Whole Foods. We love grocery shopping, yes, but her WF has a BAR in the front, and they’ll pour you a generous glass of whatever your fancy is and then you can shop. So we did…except we mostly walked around the market drinking and talking about food, and then we didn’t buy anything except like 2 glasses of wine and a flight of beers each.

image_1 Don’t YOU have wine-y bff photo shoots in YOUR fruit/veg section? That blurry spot in the front center is a wine glass. Even my phone was drinking.

Then it was off to Union Market to meet some friends for drinks etc., and to eat all the foods.


We sampled all the foods, like I said, including smoked salmon, olive oils and vinegars, dukkah, etc. And then we had plenty of wine, oysters, lamb and chorizo, caviar, etc. here:

image_3 image_4  Those jerks got me addicted to caviar.

Then we had some awesome wood fired pizza, and the next day, after my run, we had an amazeballs all you can eat Indian brunch. This is what remained:


The DC Brau brewery tour was next. The beer was so good.


Dinner was a pork-centric feast of…pork at The Pig. Seriously, go to there.


Brunch the next morning–after a gorgeous, moving mass at the National Cathedral (where Hala sings in the choir)–was at Medium Rare–steak and frites, and bloodies.


And in my case, a quart of bernaise sauce.



Before I was set to leave Monday afternoon, Hala and I  (everyone else had to work) drove out to Leesburg VA for some Korean BBQ at Honey Pig. It was good, and the setting interesting (there was a massive karaoke bar complex above it haha), but I recommend it.

image_12 image_11

No lie, Gangdam Style was playing on the restaurant’s 3,000 televisions the entire time we were there. It felt legit, you know?


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