2012 Cram Session: Running and the Pursuit of Not-Fat

Second cram session on tap today: updating you on my C25k efforts and my ongoing (likely lifelong) goal of being not-fat.

When I was in DC (…more on that later), I did the last of my C25k runs. I was all psyched because I was going to run to a different state, you guise. And I think I did (…or I ran along a border for a while, idk). All in all it was an awesome run, though I did not plan for as many super steep hills at the end of the run as there were. But that was ok. I finished, I was overjoyed, life was good. image_5 (See? Thumbs up = “I was finished, I was overjoyed, life was good.”)

And then on November 16th, I ran my first (and not my last!) 5k.


My time was actually like 35:10 or something. Which was pretty good and sort of ahead of the goal I had secretly set for myself.

The Mews Gear n’ Beer 5k was the perfect race for me. Why? Well, the Mews is a legendary tavern-o-beer in my hometown, so naturally, the race’s completion is celebrated with kegs.


Happiest day involving exercise pretty much ever.

So after that, I ran all the time and lost tons of weight stopped running because it was so dark so early and I quit Weight Watchers.

Excellent plan, Self! I actually didn’t gain any weight after that, but I was eating garbage and not moving at all (mostly due to the holidays, who are we kidding). So, on December 26th, I rejoined WW because it works (Jennifer Hudson does not lie).


And tomorrow, I’m running again. The days are slowly but surely getting longer, and damnit, I’m signing up for another 5k on Super Bowl Sunday. Why the hell not.

After all…



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