This year I am thankful for…

A wonderful, smart, funny, loving, hard-working husband who (somehow?!) loves me and my go-go-go-then-nap persona, boisterous tendencies, and big mouth. I love you, Steve. You are the best. You keep me going on the worst of days. You make me push for the best of days.

My diva puppy Agnes, who loves to dig in the dirt, hates to bathe, loves her independence, and just wants to beat up on her baby sister.

My cuddle bunny pup Edith; my blonde babe who just wants to snuggle, win the occasional sock fight with Agnes, and who has an endearing fear of the dark.

My job–challenging, interesting, and full of wonderful, supportive people who make the time go by.

My parents and family. You are there. And that’s what matters.

My friends. You people never cease to bring me joy and laughter, fresh ideas and perspective–on everything from politics to brunch–and for being there. Just like my family.

For my home. We’ve so enjoyed making this house our home, and we cannot wait to keep going.

For my health. Running has been just what I needed. That, and Weight Watchers. Womp womp.

Being thankful and gracious should be a year round priority.


One thought on “Thankful

  1. Tammy says:

    Nice gratitude list.

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