Dressing the dresser

I said I was done with my dresser–and I was–but I hadn’t yet dressed it up. I needed a lamp, and a tray to contain any baubles or trinkets that may find themselves resident in the hall. I am a big believer in trays. Cuts down on clutter and accumulation of crap.

I couldn’t find anything I liked, so I made something. A square tray (…ok, it was really a “basswood canvas” from the craft store because all their unfinished trays were either dinky or screamed “let’s have a gee-wilikers ho-down at Walmaert, yah!” And I do not go for that.) spray painted “14 karat gold” and a piece of black and white zigzag scrapbook paper Mod Podged later, we were in business. Hey, longest and most confusing sentence award right there.


Throw in some nifty wood coasters from Target, a jar of antique lighters (…which I had already curated, if you will, in a prior room’s incarnation), and a baby shower placecard frame that I sprayed gold too, filled with an inappropriate photobooth shot of us from a recent wedding, and there’s my tray.

I also hung some new curtains. The white ones were really white. The new ones are greige and linen-y from the Nate Berkus line at Target. They are much more subtle and a lot less white.

And the lamp. I said I had plans for a lamp but I lied. Well, I changed my mind. Target FTW again, kids.

So she’s all dressed up now.


And once more, with some help from my beloved Instagram filters.


Don’t tell, but I found myself cruising craigslist this morning (…for furniture). I think I need a meeting or a sponsor or something.

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One thought on “Dressing the dresser

  1. I need to start spray painting stuff. It’s amazing how it can breathe a new life into things. Unfortunately, I live in a high-rise condo and open, well-ventilated areas aren’t exactly prolific.

    P.S. I have that lamp too (different shade, of course). Muy bien.

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