It is so decreed.

Blogging hiatus (read: I’m lazy and boring but busy) over. It is official, I have so decreed it.

Our veggie CSA is winding down at the end of the month. It’s been another nice season, but the wonky weather had its effect. Looking forward to some butternut squash tonight!

Meat CSA is going along nicely, and we’ve signed up for the winter CSA too. I’m more excited about winter because I’m more apt to actually luxuriate in the cooking process when it’s blustery outside and there’s a fire going in the living room. I have big plans for a stewing hen this week…making transvestite coq au vin. Get it?! Ha.

I have some small-scale around-the-house projects I’ll update on soon, too. I wish I could say I’ve been productive…but it just ain’t so. Most of my housey productivity has been in the past week, including re-covering this storage bench (this is the after):


I have been busy with our new puppy, Edith! She and Agnes are getting along nicely, but they are not without their fierce sisterly spats. As my cousin said, upon learning that our second dog would also be a girl, “bitches be bitches, yo.” This is one of the few times they are all cuddles and unicorn phlegm:


…this is the other side of that:

(Agnes is such an instigator)

I’m still chugging along with C25k. I had to take about two weeks off for travel and a new puppy and some achy old lady knees, so I went back to where I left off and am about to start w5d1. Schmutzy weather has been making it difficult, but I’m really happy with the program and I’m damn proud of myself for sticking with it and kicking its ass (…in my own humble and completely biased opinion). I’m still posting my progress on Instagram and I’ve found a great slew of other c25k-ers who encourage me to get out there and keep running. I switched apps and started using Nike + Running, so my progress shots look more like this now:


Halloween is fast approaching, and I’ll be finishing decorating the house this weekend. I love making jack o lanterns (or, as Rhode Islanders say it, “jack a lan’ins”). Mostly because I can eat the leftovers. #fatfallproblems So far, this is all I have:


I’ll be back with some updates and pictures, promise. I swear. I’ve actually got a lot of interesting, blog-worthy things coming up, so I should, ya know, blog about them. Duh.


3 thoughts on “It is so decreed.

  1. Hala says:

    Will you be using a suppenhuhn?

  2. Hala says:

    As long as you first ask yourself, “what is a chicken?”

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