I Have Something Big I Have to Run by You…


Over the past few weeks, I have had this inexplicable and completely ridiculous urge to go running. Which, if you know me even a little, is w.e.i.r.d.


To what can I attribute these odd “gotta run!” feelings? Well, it has been everywhere lately. Por ejemplo:

1.     Two blogs I read on a daily basis–Corporette and Young House Love–have featured completely off-topic posts/threads on running;


2.     All those Color Me Rad 5k posts on FBook…you know you are seeing them too;

3.     The ‘Lympics and the commercials that aired throughout;

Subliminal messages to run…working on ME?! I guess so. Dudes, I’m as surprised as you are.


I haven’t run anywhere (on purpose) since, I don’t know, 1999? My dad was a XC runner in high school and I thought “heck, I can do that too!” And I got it into my head that I’d “train” over the summer and be in fighting shape by the start of school. So like four times per week that summer, I’d walk or ride my bike through the woods to my junior high track and hoof it for a while. I think I got up to like 4 or 4.5 miles one time. AND I HATED IT. It was hot, the track smelled unpleasantly of old tires, and the MP3 player had not yet been invented (or if it had, 13 year old me sure didn’t have one)–my Discman had terrible skip protection, for what it’s worth. God, remember having to have skip protection?! Damn.


Needless to say, I did NOT participate in XC that year or ever. Thankfully, I had another family sports legacy to live up to: gymnastics! Thanks, Dad! I wasn’t great. No, I was awful. I think I did the “Level 3” floor routine a hundred times and messed it up every time. I remember once getting a wicked wedgie during my routine and uh, fixing it, right in front of the judges. Major points deduction haha. Gabby Douglas I was not. But damnit if I wasn’t flexible–and I still am! I can still do a front-to-back split (and I can get up from it, unaided too)!


Where was I? Ah, yes. I hated running in gym, too, but I liked sprinting. Not enough to do track (…too much–you guessed it!–running). I ended up playing tennis in high school, which was great because it is just sprinting in a skirt with a racquet in your hands. At every tennis practice, I would cheat on the measly 1/3 mi warmup run, but I was the jerk begging to do “suicides” (aka lines). Such a weirdo.


Fast forward through college to law school, and I still hated running of any kind. The summer after my first year of law school, I was in a car accident and when I went to the ortho for MRIs and x-rays afterwards, he discovered a benign compression fracture in one of my vertebra. He said not to become a marathon runner and to keep any extended workouts low impact. Which I read as: “Do not run ever, unless you are being chased by a lion. And even then… meh.”


And thus, and excuse was born.


It was an excuse bigger than me. No longer did I have to say “naw, I just don’t like to run,” I could now say “aw, shucks, I’d love to, but doctor’s orders.” And I did say it, all the time. Somehow this made me feel less lazy and less guilty about just not enjoying it, like runners were better people than non-runners and I had to have an excuse for being a lowly and pathetic non-runner. That was mostly in my head, but come on and admit it, we all know that runner who believes that being a runner puts him/her on par with Jesus himself.


But, ever since losing weight, I’ve realized that it could be easier. I’m, uh, “gifted” in the chestal region (understatement), which makes me favor low impact workouts, but my situation may have changed from losing weight. The black eyes are fewer and further between 😉


The stars aligned about two weeks ago, with all the aforementioned subliminal messages combining with my realization after a very (very) short jog with Agnes: I can do this now.


After I talked to Steve, a former runner himself, and asked some questions, I decided I should find a way to go for it. I emailed one of my bffs, who successfully completed the C25K program, and asked her if it was really do-able. Her response of “absolutely!” sealed the deal: she and I have similar exercise mentalities, so her word was all I needed to download the C25K app and commit. My resolve was set: I am going to do this.


Running is appealing to me now because it is simple in its demands: shoes, road, a little time, and music. Done and done. Our neighborhood is perfect for this: the big loop is a mile, and the little interior loops can add on and make a run longer and more interesting. There are several neighborhoods or locations nearby that I can tack on for a different view.


I know you’re thinking that this will be great for Agnes, too. Negatory. She’s a terrible running companion, although she’s faster than you’d expect for someone with five inch long legs. She gets distracted, or bored, or SQUIRREL! and she can’t be depended upon to keep up with you and just run with it. So, no Agnes. Sorry, bambina.

I’ve blocked off three days per week–2 weekdays and Sunday–to do the C25K program. I just finished Week 1 and my friend is right: absolutely do-able. To keep me honest, I take a screen shot of the app saying I’m done and post it to Instagram…keep me honest, Instagram friends, I’m at knobleg529!


Going forward, I’m a little nervous, unusually excited, and I’m hoping I can prove myself wrong: 13 year old Kelly didn’t like running, but maybe 26 year old Kelly does. Hey, 13 year old Kelly also hated cheesecake, and that’s clearly no longer the case.

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2 thoughts on “I Have Something Big I Have to Run by You…

  1. Yup, you and I are twinsies in the excuses and now the motivation department, right down to the same Greatness ad. I know I will find much inspiration from you and I hope you find the same from me. We can route each other on!!!

  2. Hala says:

    Heart. Youuuuuuu can dooooooooo iiiiiiiit.

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