Bright Idea

With the exception of the upstairs bathroom and the basement, every light fixture in every room has now been replaced. Upgraded, really. You’ll remember the gold and beige situation in the dining room, the boob on the kitchen ceiling, the curly victorian thing in the eat-in-kitchen, and the “ready for my close up” exposed bulb fixture in the powder room. And you must, then, recall our penchant for replacing them with more up-to-date, yet traditional, fixtures. All of those fixtures are brushed silver tone finish with opaque shades in either glass or traditional cloth drum shades.

The only other two light fixtures that needed replacing were the entryway over the front door and the hallway upstairs. Not boob lights, but dusty sand dollar lights:



They are really small for their respective spaces, plus they are outdated. And outdated doesn’t last long in this house. Well, not since we’ve been paying the mortgage. Can’t speak for before then…

These two lights are visible at the same time, so we wanted something that either matched or complimented each other. We also wanted fixtures that “went with” the other fixtures on the first floor. Other considerations? Price, size, light output, and clearance. The front door swings mighty close to the fixture…


There is a total of 6″ between the ceiling and the door. Tight.

The search took a while. Mostly outdoor porch lights were considered because they tended to meet most (if not all) of the criteria. The biggest problem was, predictably, getting style and size for a great price. Super frustrating. Things were either too modern or too old fashioned (…and not in a complimentary way), and too expensive, or too good of a deal and a major compromise.

Then, I saw this.


It hit all the goals, even being very low profile….except for price. Yeeps. And we’d need two. Double yeeps.

So onto the Internets I ventured, where I found the same fixture for about $100.00. Meh. We talked about it and decided that it was worth it for the look, the quality (very good–much less chintzy than big box options), and the size. They are 14″ across, so they’d nicely fill the space.

We ordered ’em up, and then waited. And waited. Man, Amazon Prime and free two-day shipping has ruined me.

They arrived yesterday, and up they went.


It fits!



It works!


Upstairs looks great too.

All together now!


Super awkward angle there, woah.

These fixtures were worth the wait, and just seeing them up makes me happy. I am such a dork.

Up next? Maybe catching y’all up on our veggie CSA? Finally showing you the guest room and my obsession with Craigslist dressers? Perhaps.

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