Old Home Weekend

Usually, our weekends are filled with house projects, cooking, cleaning, and lazing about. This past weekend, there was almost none of that.

We got up early on Saturday, did some quick chores, watched some Olympics, and played with Aggie. Aggie retreated to her basement apartment (more on that later)….then we were off.

We headed up to Boston for the day (and overnight). First, we caught up with my two best friends from college, Sam and Jess, who we don’t get to see too frequently. We had a delicious lunch at The Common Ground in Allston. It was so so nice to see them and catch up. Sam got married in March and Jess just started an awesome new job, so there was so much to catch up on.

Around four, and under cover of dark ominous skies (complete with the low rumble of thunder), we headed to a cookout at my cousins’ house in Watertown. Despite the weather, it was such an excellent time.

I come from a massive extended family. My dad is the fourth oldest of 16 kids. So, I have like 40-some-odd cousins on that side alone.

People have assumed that this was a picture of all our wedding guests. Nope, just the Nobles that could make it.

And sadly, we’ve been really bad about getting together unless someone dies or gets married. So this cousin event was born in January, to be repeated six months later in July.

Our January event was small, as there was a major blizzard that kept people off the road. Not us.


And there was drinking. Shocker.

So back to July. We had a better turnout, though just-as-bad weather.


People flew in for this, dudes. It rocked. There was eating, drinking (…um a lot), and remembering the people, places, and times of the past. Reconnecting like that is just plain good for the soul.

We’ve promised to host a party….just as soon as the septic is replaced!

We woke up bright and early on Sunday in our hotel (…to room service) and watched some more Olympic events. We checked out and hit the road at 9:30am, and we were home by 10:30am. Aggie was happy to see us (and I was happy to see that she hadn’t recreated a dog version of Risky Business while we were out for the night. My Porsche and crystal egg are just fine).

And we were off again!

Steve’s best friend from high school is getting married in September in ATL. Steve is a groomsman, and we are so looking forward to the wedding. Understanding that many people wouldn’t be able to make the trip from our home in RI, the groom’s parents threw a lovely engagement party out on the lawn of a local historic waterfront home. There was food, live music, and drinking (sensing a theme?!). So much fun.

We headed home, gave the house a quick clean, and settled in for some Olympics (theme #2?). Nice way to cap off an excellent weekend of reconnecting (and drinking).


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