Roots before…? Roots before…?

How does that song go? Flowers? Branches? I don’t know. I know it’s about taking baby steps with goals, or some such business.

For us, you’ll remember that we inherited a project (or a thousand) when it came to the yard. And with baby steps, it’s coming along.

I’ve been meaning to plant some herbs, tomatoes, something for the pots on the front steps, and some potted succulents for the house. With baby steps, we’ve done that.

Like three weeks ago, we visited the annual plant sale at Casey Farm and came away with our herbs. Reused from our balcony herb garden at our apartment, I put the oregano, cilantro, and basil in galvanized troughs on top of the rock in the middle of the yard (away from curious canines):


So glad Ms. Agnes could jump on in there for a size perspective shot!

A close up:


Everything is doing really well there. Plenty of sun, plenty of water. I might have the hang of this, by George!

In front of that rock are three Home Depot blueberry bushes, also thriving. I just staked and tied them today:


The other herb that I bought at the plant sale was mint. Knowing that it is a weed and it spreads like wildfire, and knowing that I really (*really*) enjoy mojitos, I popped four thriving plants into the ground on the side of the house, just outside the kitchen door. With any luck, it will take over and I can be sipping delicious adult beverages all summer long.


The front steps got some more leftover galvanized pails with lavender plants. Yes, lavender is one of those plants that comes back year after year and gets big and bushy in the meantime. I’m going to start them here then transplant them to a permanent spot somewhere later.


The yard did come with some mature, save-worthy things. Like two beautiful hydrangea bushes on the north side of the garage, along the path to the backyard.

(there are two, but I could only get one in the frame if I also wanted to capture how well they hide our recycling bins!)

There was some beautiful sedum that popped up in what was to become grass, so I dug it up and put it in a pot temporarily until I can find a permanent home for it.


This morning, my law school friend Brandy, visiting overnight from the ATL, joined me at the Coastal Growers Market at Casey Farm. Steve and I love this market and its wintertime counterpart. When law school friend Regina visited in March, we saw this cutie at the Reynold’s Farm goat cheese stand:


It was the size of Agnes, about 10 pounds. Three months later, at a total of 4 months old, that same goat:


Oh, hai, goatie.

We ate fantastic tacos (…it was like 9:45am) from my favorite locavore purveyor of delicious, Tallulah’s Tacos from Newport, and had some excellent cold brewed coffee and tea. We sampled everything available. I brought home some of goatie’s cheese (Steve’s favorite, roasted garlic).

While cruising and enjoying the market is nice, I was on the hunt for some tomato seedlings to plant in pots on the deck. Despite our CSA tomatoes, we always want more. So why not grow some? Well, let me rephrase that: why not try to grow some?

I came away with 6 plants: 3 brandywines, 2 japanese black, and 1 green/yellow tiger. After a trip to good old Job Lot for pots, they were planted and I’m now relaxing in the shade on the deck with Aggie and some Munroe Dairy lemonade watching them grow, writing this.




Up next? I need more pots and more rocks, but I’m planting some succulents for inside. Some will actually be making an appearance in the as-yet-completed powder room! But until then, they reside in the garage (…safely next to spray paint and– what is that?–kerosene?! Sorry Al Gore).


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One thought on “Roots before…? Roots before…?

  1. acitygirlscountrydream says:

    You should do this to your planters. That would make them really stand out on your porch!

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