Merde! And Other Bathroom Appropriate Exclamations

Yet more progress, thus another photo update post.

Where did I leave off? Ah, yes, the hole was tiled, the bead board went up, and some gray paint graced the walls.

Since then:

Finished the gray paint and my very handy brother in law installed the base board and moulding (I’m English now, keep up):




The light fixture went up:




The beadboard, baseboard, and moulding got painted. No picture of that step, sorry.

And le grande piece de resistance du merde? Le toilet!


It’s an ADA height dual flush (ie different amounts of water used depending on the, uh, contents…no delicate way to put that). It’s been test driven and we like it. No more super low toilet wasting water and, worse, inundating our ancient cesspool slash septic with water. The door went back up when the toilet went in so it can at least be enjoyed!

So, I had been searching for the perfect small simple mirror for this room, and I hated most of what I was seeing out there. Or, I loved it but was not dropping the cash for a bathroom mirror. Enter Etsy. And this gorgeous, very inexpensive ($30!) vintage mirror:


…which arrived looking like this:


It was basically shipped in a package of angel tears and unicorn feathers, ie completely inadequate for a mirror. I was heart broken, for true. I was determined to salvage it somehow, so I called the glass place nearby, who wanted $60 to replace the mirror. Apparently this mirror was going to be crafted from antique royal glass used in the Palace of Versailles. So instead I took my chances and found a $10 centerpiece mirror at JoAnn Fabrics. Et voila?! It worked. Here’s my gorgeous baby hanging in the living room.


She will be moving into the powdah room once the sink is installed.

Hopefully only one more progress post, then I can reveal the room as complete! The sink, faucet, towel bar, shelf, mirror, window frosting, art, plants (maybe?), and accessories are yet to come.

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