Meat CSA, Volume One

Our first meat CSA pick up was today, and I am SO excited to eat it all. Ok, I guess I’ll share with Steve.

This is what was in the cooler:


Roughly sixteen pounds of locally-raised, organic pastured meat and poultry from Pat’s Pastured in East Greenwich, RI. Don’t forget about the two-dozen beautiful eggs:


I’ll be spending the evening planning menus around…
• two whole 3 lb chickens–6 lb total
• chicken legs, 1.75 lb
• pork rib chops, 1.7 lb
• kielbasa, 1 lb
• pork rack of ribs, 1 lb
• beef shoulder steak, 1 lb
• ground beef, 2 lb
• lamb sausage, 1 lb

Our freezer is comfortably packed…


… I’m hard boiling the eggs we already had, and the weather is perfect for making home made mayonnaise with some of the beautiful new eggs.

Some people have said “wow, that must be so expensive!” In all honesty, no it’s not as cheap as supermarket meat, but it’s really not that bad. I hate revealing how much big purchases were–it’s so gauche–but I should share this. For $650.00, we’ll get 6 deliveries, or $108.00 per month for meat and eggs. Today’s haul (which I expect is par for the meaty course) totaled roughly 15.5 lbs of meat, plus 2 doz eggs. Ignoring the eggs, the meat alone works out to about $7/lb. That’s not too far off from the higher grade meats at the supermarket, yet: the quality and taste is higher and more rich, the animals were able to do animally things outside(and not be stuck in tiny dark cages or herded in giant dark stinky warehouse-like “barns”), and they were raised locally– meaning my money went from my check book to my farmer’s hands 4 miles away. I feel good about that–not “sanctimonious food snob bastard” about it–and we chose to vote with our dollars, so to speak.

**Edit: I did some more math (…my brain hurts) and worked it out to–again, ignoring the eggs–about 17 meals for two. Divide the total $108.00 by 17, you get $6-ish. Divide by two people, it’s $3-ish. Worth. Every. Penny.

Looking forward to cooking and pairing this stuff with our eventual vegetables!

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2 thoughts on “Meat CSA, Volume One

  1. inherchucks says:

    Looks like you will be set for a while!

    Come share your goodies at my CSA link party 🙂 Hope to see you there!

  2. Tammy says:

    I love homemade mayonnaise and forget about it sometimes – yum. I’m actually very impressed with the quantity of meat that you received for the price. I would’ve expected it to be much more costly. Even though we have a couple of meat eaters in the house, I’m not sure that we could make it through all that.

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