One “theme room” too far

I’ve mentioned before that we enjoy very subtle themes in rooms. Not “Frank from Trading Spaces chicken theme” rooms, but super subtle things like a loosely surf ‘n turf dining room.

Well, who[m?]ever did the downstairs bathroom before us apparently was a fan of the theme room. I’ll admit, it’s a subtle theme utilizing colors, but it really hits home when you’re, um, sitting there. Any guesses?


Yes, those are yellow walls and indescribable-brown tiles. And yes, that is a bathroom themed bathroom. Yellow brown, brown yellow, you catching my drift? It’s the dream decor of 12 year old boys and/or Jonathan Swift-wannabees everywhere.

The nice thing is everything works. But everything–except the floors–is ugly with a capital awful. So thus begins our first big DIY renovation (let’s pretend we’re Canadian and call it a reno!).

First, a quick tour.

Again, this is the room as you walk in.


And as you are, uh, in there:


It’s a very small little powder room on the first floor, just off the kitchen and side entryway. How small? This small:


Yeah, tiny. It is 6.5′ x 4ish’. And that hackjob of a vanity doesn’t help.

And it was built for people who are either very low to the ground or had much stronger quads than do I. The toilet is low, yo.


And the light fixture, aside from being dated and fugly (I’m seriously running out of ways to say “ugly”), takes a while to warm up. So unless you are settling in to write a novel in there, it’s darkish for most of your visit.

But, you say, there’s a window! There sure is, and it is perpetually covered by this door mat roman shade:


This is a totally unfair picture, actually, because the shade is up. But, being a bathroom, and with the toilet right underneath the window, privacy is nice so the shade is mostly down most of the time. I mean sure, we’ve met our neighbors, but that’s a bit much.

My final but major problem with this room is the fact that when they installed the vanity (or the flooring), they didn’t continue the hardwood floor under the vanity. Because, of course, all the subsequent owners of the home would agree that the vanity could never be removed…..eyeroll.


After touring the house twice before we purchased, we knew that this room was high on our list for a reno. It’s ugly, outdated, and inefficient in terms of space and water usage. And we knew it was a job we could do ourselves in a weekend. So over Memorial Day weekend, We’re diving in. Here’s our list:
• rip out toilet, vanity, mirror, and light fixture
• rip out tile
• remove shade
• paint upper half of wall
• tile the sink hole with Carrara marble
• install 4′ bead board with baseboard and moulding to lower half of wall
• install small pedestal sink and new faucet
• install high efficiency dual flush toilet with a higher height
• install light fixture
• install mirror
• install marble threshold shelf over sink
• install one towel bar
• hang some art
• frost the window

We’re buying all of our materials this weekend, so I can share the wallet damage then. But our initial projections have us coming in safely under $600.00. We shall see!

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2 thoughts on “One “theme room” too far

  1. Hala says:

    Um, I resent the premise of rejecting a theme room. Even a terrible, urine-based theme.

  2. Theresa says:

    Will be interested to see how your room turns out. We are tackling a very similar room as soon as we return from our Memorial Day vacation.

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