Light, camera, blog post

This weekend, we tackled the lighting situation in the kitchen. It was bad before:




(These are obviously pictures from before we bought the house–we didn’t get all new furniture and paint everything blood red since our last post)

Over the workspace, we had a huge white boob light that, frankly, didn’t put out enough light. Gracing the skies over what is meant to be the eat in kitchen area was an awful brown curly victorian looking contractor grade chandelier. Steve and my dad both became well acquainted with the chandelier in the first few visits we had in the house, as they both smacked their heads into it several times each. So as soon as we closed, we zip tied that sucka up to the ceiling and promptly forgot about it. It put out pretty great light out, so it was not high on our list to replace.

I should note that we have zero plans to put a table in that spot, as it really is too small if you want to use the slider, basement, and the pantry. So a chandelier made no sense in that spot.

The last light in that area was a simple flush mount above the window, over the sink, hidden behind a cornice board. After painting that area, we just left the light bulb in the socket and ditched the globe. And again, we fuggudaboutit.

Last weekend’s light fixture project in the dining room was the straw that broke the really ugly camel’s back. I was itching to replace the uglies you can see above. Some light googling (ha!) later, we had two semi flush mount non boob fixtures for the kitchen. And with some medallions thrown in for good measure to hide some wicked haggard looking ceilings, we were in updated transitional style business.


Together, on:


I love that they are pretty traditional but in a more modern finish and with a modern touch–the shade.


They relate well to the dining room fixture.


The sink light was not forgotten. We opted for a mini pendant in the same brushed nickel finish with an opaque white glass shade.


It all looks pretty nice together.


It’s so light and bright now, and a far cry from the blood red bordello kitchen, complete with boobs (apropos for a bordello, non?) and a creepy victorian chandelier.

The two semi flush mount lights were $99 each at Home Depot (the Hampton Bay Gala line), and the pendant parts were like $40 total from Lowes.

Next up? The front door entryway light and the light at the top of the stairs. They’s gotta go, y’all. Them’s ugly.

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2 thoughts on “Light, camera, blog post

  1. I like your cork initials

    • Kelly says:

      I can’t take any credit for them (see prior post on my innate uncraftiness). My super crafty friend Regina, who is also a wine lover, drank all that wine then she and my other friend made the letters for us! We love them (the letters and the friends)!

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