Goodbye eighties, goodbye nineties

Hello aughts.

We awoke today to find ourselves almost devoid of any non-yard projects. So we went to Lowe’s and bought ourselves a project. Mind you, this project had been on the list since before we even toured the house. And you’ve seen it.

Ring any bells?


If you guessed “rip out that hideous light fixture and center a new one over the table,” you win a prize. The goldtone and wheat-motif Applebee’s-circa-1988 light need not grace our home any longer. No gracias.

So? So:




We’d been eying something like this for a while, and when this one was magically on clearance (or, as I call it, my friend Clarence), we went for it.

And because we would never want to inflict the same ugly on anyone else:


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3 thoughts on “Goodbye eighties, goodbye nineties

  1. Hala says:

    Mona and Harry have a light fixture like that above their dining room table. No joke.

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