I’m crafty like a fox

Unfortunately, I’m not actually crafty. As in, I suck at crafting. I’m impatient, a champion pragmatist, and I can’t properly use scissors (…or a ruler).

So when I get the itch for crafts (infrequent, I promise), I prepare myself and Steve for disaster.

I had been wanting to do something with the paint chips from when we painted the whole house. Our entire house is painted in the same four shades, all close in tone and saturation. That way, the rooms really flow nicely. Subtle changes in paint colors make for a nice experience–no shocking, disjointed room-to-room transitions, I can accessorize easily, etc.

So I wanted to create something with the chips and text for the entryway on the side of the house. Like a “this is what you’re in for” piece.

After a quick trip to Michael’s for a frame and some letter decals (Thickers, to be exact. As in thick stickers, or stickers with a lisp–which is my preferred pronunciation), I worked my very basic magic. And yesterday, I hung it up. Ta da!


And a blurry close up of my crooked work:


I really like it. Just don’t look too closely at the straightness and/or centeredness of the lettering. I warned you.

My next project in progress is paint chip coasters, a la Pinterest. Sneak peek:


What my picture doesn’t capture are the papers stuck to the Mod Podged coasters, the ripped edges of the paint chips, the awful scissor job… yeesh.

But you can see what a disorganized “crafter” I am!


Good Christian home-schooling soccer moms everywhere are weeping for me.

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