My, Twas a Hoppy Eat-ser!!

Easter has long been one of my favorite eating holidays. Short answer? Lamb.

Of late, the long answer is because Steve and I travel to Washington DC to visit with our buddies from law school. And we spend the entire weekend eating and drinking and walking and drinking. And it’s not Easter Weekend, it’s Chapeau Weekend, as in fancy hats on Easter while we drink and eat and walk and drink. It is fanfreakingtastic.

Steve and I love weekend trips to places like DC because we gotta get outta dodge, y’all. Sometimes we need to get ourselves to the Big City and eat some seriously great food with some excellent dining companions.

This trip saw us eating (and, you guessed it, drinking) at these fine establishments:
Wagshal’s Deli
Fado Irish Pub (excellent day drinking!)
Shelly’s Back Room


Lebanese Taverna
Chadwick’s (also excellent day drinking!)
Ping Pong
And for Chapeau Brunch, Black’s Bar and Kitchen in Bethesda.

We attended a beautiful mass in the National Cathedral, adorned with fancy chapeaux of course:


We did our usual post mortem of favorites from the trip and the winning restaurant was Oyamel, serving Steve’s trip-favorite dish of a tuna ceviche, and mine, braised pork cheeks. And the guacamole wins for everything–just go eat it and try to disagree.

We lucked out with some primo weather, easy quick flights, and the best company you could imagine.

Aggie fared well at my parents’, until the last 5 minutes of her stay when she launched herself into a wall sideways and possibly separated the knee joint in one of her hind legs. So, out of an abundance of caution, Miss Agnes is now PegLeg Pup:

She’s the most adorable pathetic imp you’ve ever cuddled. It’s probably coming off on Tuesday. She’ll live.

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