Opposites attract

While Steve and I love most of the same foods and we are both relatively adventurous eaters, there’s one big difference. I’m trying to lose weight, and he works out with a trainer 4 times a week to build muscle. Translation: I can eat small portions of high carb, high protein, fatty (read: delicious) foods, and he can afford to eat a ton more. All my portions are measured and calculated (Weight Watchers- It is way easy, do it! I’ve lost about 20 lbs so far with basically no exercise), and his are generous and overflowing. And glistening with somesuch buttery and/or cheesy sauce(s).

And I am green with envy.

Jealousy aside, our divergent food-related goals are actually easy to overcome. On WW, you really can eat anything. Seriously. And I am telling you (ha), Jennifer Hudson would not lie. So I make dinner, serve myself first, and Steve can have the rest. Our summertime glut of veggies will make it easier: with some unfortunate exceptions (here’s looking at you, avocado, you delicious point-laden jerk), fruits and veggies are “free,” ie zero points! Never thought that would be exciting, but it is!

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3 thoughts on “Opposites attract

  1. I can relate. I’ve been spending a fortune on my personal trainer and pre-made, perfectly portioned, all-natural meals. The scale is dropping slowly, but your 20 lbs. definitely has me considering Weight Watchers as an easier (and probably cheaper) alternative.

  2. Hala says:

    So excited for our progress photo this weekend! I’m so proud of you! (Please don’t remove my ability to leave comments as punishment for gushing like you’re my toddler daughter and I’m your helicopter mom).

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