Cookbooks: borderline hoarding

Hi, my name us Kelly and I have a problem.


I’m drowning in them.

TLC is planning a new reality show around my, er, “collection.”

I love cookbooks (short reason? Food porn. Yes.). But I almost NEVER follow recipes. I don’t bake obviously.

My newest acquisition is “Plenty” by Yotam Ottolenghi. It’s all about vegetables, and I started longing for it last summer when we were neck deep in vegetables from our first CSA.


It is a downright gorgeous book. Simple flavorful recipes for omnivores and vegetarians alike. The quinoa, fennel, and pomegranate salad featured in Bon Appetite is amazing (though I don’t see it in the book–google it).

I’ll let y’all know how we use the book during our summer share!

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2 thoughts on “Cookbooks: borderline hoarding

  1. Hala says:

    Nothing borderline about it, Champ. Although, I share the addiction, and we enable each other through gifts, so…. no judgment.

  2. That’s gorge. I have a bunch, too, and I never use them. But I should!

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